Teen’s senior photo shoot at Starbucks goes viral

A senior student in Colorado was out and about having her senior photos taken, when the weather turned nasty. The student, Sydney Johansson, has cerebral palsy and was scheduled to have later in the month and so the photo shoot had to go ahead.

Photographer and friend Jessica Vallia decided that they needed to move into the nearby Starbucks, and that’s when the wonderful employees in Starbucks stepped in to not only welcome them indoors away from the heavy rain, but to go above and beyond the call of duty to create a welcoming space for Vallia to shoot her friend Sydney.

As Vallia put it:

“There were serious tears from all after taking in everything from yesterday’s senior session. I just wanted her to have the average senior session, like any other girl and instead she got THE RED CARPET in a way I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of!!! Thank from the bottoms of our hearts Chris at Starbucks you deserve an “Awesome Human” award for your kindness yesterday!”

Sydney’s mother, Laura, said she’s happy her daughter’s photo shoot has been such an inspiration to people, and we can see why:

“She’s totally famous. Just like I always knew she would be.”

Here’s how CBS in Philadelphia told the story:

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