Photo of couple celebrating 64th wedding anniversary goes viral

Blake Ricker is a research nurse who was on a train heading towards Brooklyn, when he noticed the elderly couple sitting opposite him. They were still clearly very much in love, and Blake was so moved that he snapped a quick photo of them then it shared it on Twitter so that he could pass the image on to the couple.

He told The New York Post:

“The more I saw the couple interacting with each other the more I could tell how in love they were. It was honestly one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.”

It turns out that it was Marilyn and Lester Dimit, married for 64 years, and they had been out and about for dinner and had seen a performance of Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”.

After the image was widely shared on social media, racking up over 8000 shares, it was spotted by their daughter-in-law Karen, who got in touch with Ricker to let him know who they were.

WRAL has more on this touching image:

An invasion of privacy?

However, some people expressed concerns about a perceived invasion of privacy, saying that since the photographer did not ask for permission to share the image then he shouldn’t have gone public with it.

One commenter on Ricker’s Twitter feed said:

“You shouldn’t be able to take a pic of complete strangers who are doing no harm to anyone & post it publicly …”

Others though felt that since the couple was on a public train, then there is not an assumption of privacy. Photographer Blake Ricker responded to this issue as well by emphasizing that he was trying to do something nice for a stranger, and that he had good intentions.

Many agreed, with a lot of commenters talking about the beauty of the moment and how we need to see more of this in our crazy world.

What are your thoughts on the issue of photographing people in public?

Should images like this, taken in public, be shared widely without the permission of the subjects? Or should they only be shared if the people in the photo give clear permission?

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

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