Tucson couple’s wedding photos go viral

This wedding couple in Tucson had their first look photos go viral this week when Heidi’s husband Valentin was getting nervous.

“He was a ball of nerves,” she said. “His palms were sweaty. He was trembling.”

To help soothe his nerves Heidi asked her brother Eric to be the one to break the ice by dressing in an old wedding dress himself.

As Eric put on the dress everyone was laughing, and he even went as far as wearing Heidi’s deodorant and perfume so that he smelled like the bride!

Here’s how the groom Valentin described what happened:

“I hear these gentle footsteps behind me. I feel the most gentle touch on my shoulder, and I look back thinking I’m going to see Heidi, so pretty and beautiful, and I look back and it’s Eric. I just lose my mind, it was so funny. All of the emotions started flowing out and I was totally calm. It was just the best equalizer for the situation.”

Of course, the goal for this was to help the groom to relax, and in that they succeeded beyond belief, as says Valentin was instantly more comfortable.

“He was already smiling when we did the actual first look,” said Heidi. “We were able to have a very intimate, special moment because he wasn’t so nervous.”

According to photographer Nichole Cline the whole thing was incredibly funny, thanks largely to Valentin’s reaction.

“He’s (brother-in-law Eric) one of those macho men, so seeing him in a dress was totally out of character for him, it was amazing,” said Valentin.

But most importantly, as Cline said, is that the pictures look great because they are those moments in time that last a lifetime.

Wife Heidi also found it helpful, saying that it was a great start to their story. However, she’s been most surprised by the number of people who commented on Facebook or on the blog to say that they want to do the same thing!

Some of the comments on the KevinChole Photography Facebook Page said:

“I love this! I always wonder what future generations in families will wonder/think when they see pictures like these hundreds of years from now?”

“This would be SO funny! I feel like there would be so much tension and anticipation, and this would just make everything super lighthearted. Also, it would probably make it way easier to get genuine smiles. They would just have to remember that moment/reaction and you can’t help but smile/laugh!”

… and plenty of others where commenters spoke of their own desire to do this, or just light-hearted threats to do something similar!

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