Portrait session at Buc-ee’s goes viral

Buc-ee's photo shoot goes viral

A portrait session inside a laundromat and a Buc-ee’s gas station? Photographer Kristina Boyd from Hello Darlin Photography had a couple who wanted something a little different for their portrait session. They drove around town for a while looking for some ideal locations for their photos, and Boyd got some great images of the couple inside a laundromat.

However, they also wanted something inside a gas station, and they asked at a few but were turned away. But when they called in on Buc-ee’s in Katy the staff were super enthusiastic about it, and even cleaned up the store for the photo session!!

When Boyd shared the images on her Facebook Page people loved it!

Crazy? Maybe not – in fact, these images look fantastic, showing a slice of young love in a familiar environment, though one that is not normally associated with a portrait location.

The couple in the photos is Brooks Taylor and Trevor Waters from Katy, Texas, and they wanted to work with Hello Darlin Photography because of the unconventional backdrops she often uses, and the emotion she shows in her images.

“She just has a very different vision than I think most photographers do. She has a way of getting people to interact on camera.”

They wanted a photo shoot that had a strong Texas flavor, and since Buc-ee’s is only in Texas, it seemed like a good option.

“We have Buc-ee’s and no other state has that. We thought that would be super special and different,” Taylor told KPRC2.

Different? Special? I think they nailed it. Well done, team!

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