Newborns look like Disney princesses

In 2017 newborn portrait photographer Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits in California created a set of photos where newborns are presented like Disney princesses, and people loved it!

Marie specializes in maternity and newborn photography, which seems appropriate given her career started as a labor and delivery nurse. As so often happens for people in photography she was able to switch her passion for newborns and mothers across to the world of photography.

The babies turned into Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine, although it did take about 8 hours in the studio. In fact, over 17 million people have seen the post on the Facebook Page!

“When we finished the shoot last year, exhausted from photographing six babies at once, my staff and I sat back and laughed and said it will be so much easier next year when they are all one! At that point I knew I was going to do the shoot.” –

Marie says it takes a lot of hard work, and plenty of helpers, to get a collection of 1-year-olds to cooperate, and it’s much more difficult to doing newborns given that older princesses like to move and explore.

Here’s a video of it from ABC News:

Now in 2018 photographer Karen Marie is back doing it again using the same baby girls for a princess reunion cake smash!

Each portrait was a complex backdrop that tells something of the character’s story, complete with handmade costumes, multitiered birthday cake, and a tiara to suit. Cuteness overload!!

“I think that last year’s shoot really sent a lot of happiness through a small part of the world, and I was just hoping that this could extend those feelings. They are so adorable!” – Photographer Karen Marie

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